A discussion on the nature of god as portrayed in christianity

They are remarkable documents.

A discussion on the nature of god as portrayed in christianity

View All Feedback Discussions I have removed the email addresses from these conversations and elsewhere on my site except where my correspondent has expressed a wish to have their contact details included, or has a website where they may be contacted anyway.

This became necessary after some Christians started harassing someone I had details about. If you wish to contact some of these people, then email me and I will send your contact details to them and let them decide if they wish to chat.

From Catholic Priest to Deist With Nature's God

These discussions are fairly representative of the emails I receive - hence most people who write just get replies consisting of URLs pointing to some of these otherwise I can't cope with the volume! The short descriptions hopefully give a flavour of what to expect. The listing is in date order earliest first.

Feedback Subjects Henry Quon. Henry seeks to explain that I should reconsider Christianity because he thinks I have made an historical error about hell. This becomes a long discussion, covering much diverse ground including the historicity of Jesus, reliability of the NT, evolution and other matters!

Two years later I re-contacted Mark to update my link to his website.

The Bible has a lot to say about the nature of God. God is personal and emotional. In fact, in the phrase, " God created mankind in His image," it is generally accepted that the characteristics that distinguish us from other animals are those that reflect the nature of God. Smith's goal in his discussion of "The God of Christianity" (Chap. 3) is to demonstrate that Christianity reduces to the absurdity of religious agnosticism: "Scratch the . the laws of nature Judge Pryor introduces each segment by reading a quotation or two from the book to sum up The God Delusion Debate. Discussion Guide. 6 THE SECOND THESIS ( - ) Both Dawkins and Lennox reject Gould’s concept of NOMA. Why? (Hint: it relates to some of the biblical miracles). 2. Dawkins equates superstition.

He asked for my response to a piece he recently wrote on "the need for quality apologetics. Strictly speaking, this isn't "feedback" more of a "feed-forward" since I wrote to Dr. He is a Christian, research physicist and technical editor with over 60 papers in probability theory and plasma kinetic theory.

He is also a popularizer of science with a special interest in combating creationism. Of particular interest to me was the fact that he used to be a member of the Australian Skeptics before becoming a Christian.

So I wrote to him to enquire about this. Much is discussed here about leaving Christianity and the Asymmetry of conversion. This was a long and stimulating conversation!

Ashley Coogana Journalism student, asks research questions about why I wrote my site and the reactions I have had. In a later instalment she tells me that speaking in tongues is a miracle.

Eschatology (End times)

I give her some information and anecdotes on tongues and related phenomena, such as being "slain in the spirit" from the ex-tian archives etc. Discussions with John Richards. He later wrote to me to see if I was going to respond.

We went on to discuss Bishop Spong and other radical theologians, the historicity of the massacre of the innocents and the morality of the Christian god amongst other matters.

He was wondering where to turn as the non-believers around him wonder what the fuss is about and his social circles are virtually all Christian.

A discussion on the nature of god as portrayed in christianity

We discuss the value of finding links to so many atheists who have honestly examined the arguments and are living happy, healthy lives. This is at odds with everything his church has been telling him about how awful and shallow life is outside of Christianity.

Discussion with a Priest. A retired Priest suggests I protest too much. Christopheralthough no longer able to believe, he finds himself still drawn to religious ritual and is looking for a suitable community to share with.

We also discuss how unpleasant it is to be dealt harshly with by hardened atheists not emphasising with the difficult nature of a transitionary state.In Praise of Cultural Christianity. Guest Writer on August 2, That is, the principles of civil order and justice originate from nature, not the ecclesiastical.

Neither derive the authority to accomplish their particular ends from the other. it is not credible because God is being portrayed as a tyrant that hates his own creation.

Excerpt from Term Paper: Judaism and Christianity both have fairly common as well as totally contrasting religious concepts. In spite of the apparent differences and divisions it has to be understood that both these religions are like different streams of water merging in the ocean of god. Christianity and Judaism are both religions of abrahamic origin. Theologically, God was so distanced from His creation, so enclosed by an impenetrable envelope of sanctity that even the talented artists of Byzantine culture portrayed religious figures such as Jesus, the virgin, saints, and angels in stiff, unreal styles far removed from the natural, reducing them virtually to . Christianity is a general term denoting the historic community deriving from the While the precise nature of Jesus' beliefs about himself and the nature of the "messianic" task which he i.e., the Church, was the "true Israel" of God. It was the messianic universalization of that salvific destiny which God had in mind when He chose.

Book Review: God is Great, God is Good: Why Belief in God is Reasonable and Responsible Editors William Lane Craig and Chad Meister have assembled a collection of the best scholars in Christianity to put together God is Great, God is Good: Why Belief in God is Reasonable and Responsible, one of the best books at refuting the claims of the "new.

I personally do not believe the bible contains exclusively historical truth, and of course the concept of Jesus as Son of God sort of has no real meaning in Buddhism, but otherwise I have nothing against Jesus, as portrayed in the Bible.

As I have worked with my dad and seen a lot of the media response to Christianity, it has me really confused.

A discussion on the nature of god as portrayed in christianity

The negative examples of Christianity on the news do not accurately reflect the God I know, nor the Christians I know personally. But, I do know that I used to perceive Christians the same way. The masculine pronoun safeguards (1) the transcendence of God against the illusion that nature is born from God as a mother rather than created and (2) the grace of God against the illusion that we can somehow save ourselves - two illusions ubiquitous and inevitable in the history of .

A central, main division in polytheism is between soft polytheism and hard polytheism. "Hard" polytheism is the belief that gods are distinct, separate, real divine beings, rather than psychological archetypes or personifications of natural forces.

Hard polytheists reject the idea that "all gods are one god.".

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