A word problem for algebra

This lesson asks students to use the math skills they are learning and applying them by creating word problems for their peers to solve.

A word problem for algebra

How to recognize some common types of algebra word problems and how to solve them step by step: Age Problems usually compare the ages of people. Average Problems involve the computations for arithmetic mean or weighted average of different quantities. Another common type of average problems is the average speed computation.

Coin Problems deal with items with denominated values. Consecutive Integer Problems deal with consecutive numbers. The number sequences may be Even or Oddor some other simple number sequences. Digit Problems involve the relationship and manipulation of digits in numbers.

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Distance Problems involve the distance an object travels at a rate over a period of time. We can have objects that Travel at Different Ratesobjects that Travel in Different Directions or we may need to find the distance Given the Total Time Fraction Problems involve fractions or parts of a whole.

Geometry Word Problems deal with geometric figures and angles described in words. This include geometry word problems Involving PerimetersInvolving Areas and Involving Angles Integer Problems involve numerical representations of word problems.

Lever Problems deal with the lever principle described in word problems. Mixture Problems involve items or quantities of different values that are mixed together.

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Number Sequence Problems use number sequences in the construction of word problems. You may be asked to find the Value of a Particular Term or the Pattern of a Sequence Proportion Problems involve proportional and inversely proportional relationships of various quantities.

a word problem for algebra

Ratio Problems require you to relate quantities of different items in certain known ratios, or work out the ratios given certain quantities.Pre-Algebra; How to Convert a Basic Word Problem into an Equation; The end of a word problem usually contains the question that you need to answer to solve the problem.

You can use word equations to clarify this question so you know right from the start what you’re looking for. When a problem says "at least" or "no less than," this means the number given is the very smallest it'll go; it can't get any smaller.

The remaining value must be something bigger. For example, if a bag of candy has at least 28 pieces, we know it has 28 or more pieces. Algebra word problem worksheets for Algebra I and Algebra II courses.

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Algebra math teachers will enjoy the no prep challenging worksheets that kids will enjoy working doing. Use for homework, fast finishers, or for something different in your classroom. Learning to Automatically Solve Algebra Word Problems Nate Kushmany, Yoav Artzi z, Luke Zettlemoyer, learning to solve algebra word problems.

Our algorithm reasons across sentence Word problem An amusement park sells 2 kinds of tickets. Tickets for children cost $ Adult tickets. In Algebra we often have word questions like: Example: Sam and Alex play tennis.

On the weekend Sam played 4 more games than Alex did, and together they played 12 games. Algebra Worksheets By Specific Topic Area and Level We have over 50 free algebra worksheets to print. Our algebra resources in this area are solid.

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