An assessment of the status of working women in dubai uae

Alamy Stock Photo Here are the norms for women working on night shift I work for a free zone company and have completed a year out of a 2-year unlimited contract. At this point, the employer is trying to force us to sign a paper on which we agree to work on night shifts.

An assessment of the status of working women in dubai uae

This is the third story in a six-week series focused on women and work in patriarchal nations in the Middle East. In the next few weeks BBC Capital will peek into the world of women trying to grow businesses in the region and the Middle Eastern women who have found success in the West.

Middle East Read more of our six-part series Women slowly get the keys to the Kingdom: How this conservative Gulf nation is slowly embracing women in the office. The tech stars of Gaza: Facing harassment, crumbling infrastructure and limited rights, these unlikely pioneers are rising on their ideas — and have a surprising advantage over men.

The year-old has two degrees, holds a senior position in a government agency and runs her own communications and advisory company on the side. But others say there is more to the story. Within that expat workforce, the potential for career advancement is less certain.

For one, it is dependent upon the type of visa women hold and their level of employment, which dictate access to pay, legal protection and benefits. While there is now more acceptance of women — expats and nationals — in high-ranking positions, damaging stereotypes about their abilities and commitment still exist.

An assessment of the status of working women in dubai uae

Flexible schedules and other adjustments for working mothers remain scarce. Citizen benefits For Emirati women such as Alshamsi, career possibilities are generally very bright. Unlike their counterparts in more conservative Gulf neighbour states, Emirati women are employed in a range of sectors from the military and police, to engineering, media, fashion and management, although they still make up a tiny percentage of an expat-dominated workforce.

There are five female cabinet ministers in the UAE government and women are at the forefront of several key government agencies, including the team that helped the city secure the Expo and the Dubai Media Office, which is responsible for communications in the Emirate.

A different story Within the expat workforce however, the potential for career advancement is subject to a slew of sometimes onerous regulations.

Women who work in the service industry, as housemaids, waitresses and lower-level office staff, have limited opportunities. They are generally obligated to rigid and inflexible contracts, often arranged by third-party agencies. It is slightly easier for professional expat women who work in corporate positions and come primarily from Europe, India and other parts of the Middle East.

Many of these women do enjoy higher pay and more possibility for promotion, especially if they work for an international organisation — many of which run regional offices out of Dubai. In practice, this is little more than a formality, but it can be off-putting.

Also, even women who get jobs while on a spouse visa can face many restrictions including access to banking and buying property.Here are the norms for women working on night shift. Figure Working status of people aged 15 assessment of the competitiveness of th UAE economy (Reproduced from Porter & Schwab, The Emirati Workforce Dubai GCC Table 1: Sectors.

While Dubai is no exception to the barriers that face working women all over the world, there is a lot of support for working women. Websites such as the Dubai Business Women Council website are empowering women by sharing business opportunities, 7 Best Credit Cards for Expats Living In UAE.

7 Best Nightclubs In Dubai. them with equal opportunities, the status of women within the UAE has flourished in parallel with Women in the United Arab Emirates: A Portrait of Progress 3 Traditionally, women have always been the backbone issues that .

Gender equality is of paramount importance in the UAE, and the Constitution of the UAE guarantees equal rights for both men and women. Under the Constitution, women enjoy the same legal status, claim to titles, access to education, the right to practice professions, and the right to inherit property as men.

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They are sometimes better than men. Today, they are rising to greater heights in our society and are able to achieve goals within our communities. P.O. Box Dubai.

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