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A thumbnail look at their lives: Robert Ost considered risk part of the job and part of life. A year veteran of the South San Francisco Fire Department, he was also an avid paraglider and mountain climber.

Barbara nightly business report dean

Jim Cramer Most famous stock-picker of all time. Magna cum laude, Harvard,a "government major. Wrote for Tallahassee News Democrat and L. Herald Examiner, helped launch American Lawyer magazine. Hailed for recall of company facts and ticker symbols, plus sense of humor; accused by Barron's and Henry Blodget of delivering subpar returns for those who follow advice.

Married Karen Backfisch, a trader in Steinhardt's firm, in Couple sold New Jersey home and bought new one in after zoning board rejected plan to convert driveway to yard, per Howard Kurtz.

Couple divorced in ; girlfriend in February is Lisa Detwiler. Master's in journalism, Missouri, Spoke of being dishwasher at Silver Moon restaurant in Yorktown Heights. Favorite restaurant said to be Elaine's of Manhattan.

Lives in Stuyvesant Town. Started lawn-mowing business at Attended Marquette University "on a whim," earned degree, ; "I really felt like I cut my teeth at Marquette.

Herb Kohl, an "average student.

barbara nightly business report dean

Miami Dolphins fan, drinks a green smoothie daily, practices yoga. Grew up in Southern California; B. Co-founded Metropolitan Capital Advisors in Very active in Parkinson's research, on board of Michael J.

Fox Foundation; with husband, "fairly active politically. Described as "brilliant" by former colleague Jeff Macke and "gorgeous" by former colleague Dylan Ratigan.

Married to Lawrence Golub, A. Two sets of twins. Karen is sister of Hollywood producer Wendy Finerman. Sara Eisen Co-anchor, "Squawk on the Street"; currency expert.

Graduate of Seven Hills School, private, college prep, Cincinnati, also attended by actress Tiffany Hines ; attended NYU, master's in broadcast journalism concentration in business reportingMedill School of Journalism, Northwestern University. Landed internship at Bloomberg Television, hosted radio program "On the Economy," co-anchored "Bloomberg Surveillance.

Said she does ad-libbing "on a daily basis," said "My goal is to interview the most important people in the world. Married Matthew Levine, May Praised Indian desserts as university junior; "most desserts are full of sugar and make every Indian's mouth water.

Melissa Francis Former child actress, staunch free-market advocate, remarkably photogenic TV anchor, author who confronted living mother with lifetime of grievances in the form of a purported Hollywood book.

Vini Melissa Ann Francis. Known for smile, beauty, intense free-market viewpoint, tendency to badger guests, quirky segments on the porn industry. Once target of Howard Stern tirade.

business report"or tuesday, augu i'm susie ghib goodnight everne. and good nig to you paul. >>aul: goodnight susie. i'm paul kangas wishing all of you the besof good buys. "nightly busess report" is made possible by: this program was made possib by contributns to your pbs station from viewers likyou. thank yo captioning sponsored . Tonight on Nightly Business Report, why Nike decided to feature a controversial athlete in its new ad campaign. Plus, Wall Street's first outlook for is here and investors might be pleased. As America's most fearless purveyor of "truthiness," Stephen Colbert shines a light on ego-driven punditry, moral hypocrisy and government incompetence, raising the bar for political satire.

According to an Aug. Wrote erratic memoir of Hollywood childhood and family difficulties, Diary of a Stage Mother's Daughter, Larry Kudlow Born Aug.

Graduate of University of Rochester N. Studied politics and economics at Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School but per Wikipedia left before earning a degree. Worked in Reagan administration.

Chief economist at Bear Stearns until Specializes in spirited, high-level economic debates, if forgoing explanations to less-educated viewers.

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Among best in allowing guests equal time.Jul 16,  · The following journalists made campaign contributions from through the first quarter of , according to Federal Election Commission records studied by Profiles of Flight Crew, Passengers By LEON DROUIN KEITH.c The Associated Press (Feb.

2, 00) - Those aboard Alaska Airlines Flight included a family of six, a firefighter who loved risk, a pilot who also was a safety instructor for the airline, a writing instructor on vacation and an off-duty flight attendant who had flown family and friends to Mexico for an impromptu birthday party.

business report"or tuesday, augu i'm susie ghib goodnight everne. and good nig to you paul. >>aul: goodnight susie.

Spotlight on USA | Canadian Music Week May , The magazine has described Shnayerson as its de facto environmental editor, because he writes frequently on the topic, but he also has written about the likelihood of hacking of electronic voting machines, Halliburton's war-related profits, anti-terrorism data mining, global warming skeptics and other political topics. As a contributing editor, I write four stories a year.
~Los Angeles Radio People, Where Are They Now, B The new line-up is as follows: Arnold and Holley were broken up in early with Holley moving to co-hosting afternoons and Arnold taking on full weekend and primary fill-in role from February until March
List of journalists taking sides - politics | NBC News Christian hosts a Sunday night show called Head Trip on Indie
Jimmy Carter - Wikipedia Carter Nursing Center in Plains, Georgiaa hospital where his mother was employed as a registered nurse.
Profiles of other cable/TV stars This year, they weren't onstage for more than a few minutes before Bob Woodruff gleefully announced, "Bruce is back! As you may remember, this benefit is under the auspices of the New York Comedy Festival, and while there are always some actual comedians on the bill tonight featured Jimmy Carr, Seth Myers, Jim Gaffigan, and Jon StewartBruce always feels that it is his duty to tell some dirty jokes since there are servicemen and women in the audience.

i'm paul kangas wishing all of you the besof good buys. "nightly busess report" is made possible by: this program was made possib by contributns to your pbs station from viewers likyou. thank yo captioning sponsored . The home of independent analysis of CNBC TV and other business media, dedicated to the highest standards of journalism.

Blake is an award-winning news veteran in the Boston area, known for her work as an anchor at WBZ NewsRadio She was part of the team that won a Peabody Award for Overall Excellence for coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings and the .

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