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Case item

Track related work and dependencies There are four system link types used to link work items to each other: Tree topology links support nested hierarchies, tree queries, and several reports.

Dependent links support tracking tasks that must be completed before others can be started. And, the Related link type supports connecting work items that are Case item the same level.

Use the guidance provided in the following table to choose which link type to use based on the types of queries and reports you'll want to create. To learn more about link type restrictions and topologies, see Link type element reference.

You can link a change request to only one requirement using Affects.

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You can link requirements to as many child change requests as needed using Affected by. Only use Affects-Affected by links to link work items in the same team project.

This action is recommended if you plan to use Excel or Project to modify or update work item data. See Schedule tasks and assign resources using Microsoft Project.

Map backlog items to portfolio backlog items. Mapping items automatically creates parent-child links between the items. Go here to learn about mapping. Maintain task summary relationships. Parent-child links are created for summary tasks and their subordinate tasks.

Link tasks to PBIs, user stories, or requirements. Use Excel to bulk edit both work items and parent-child links. See Bulk add or modify work items with Excel.

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A work item can have only one parent. A parent work item can have many children. Only use parent-child links to link work items in the same team project. Predecessor-Successor Dependency topology Track tasks that must be completed before others can be started.

When you plan work using Project, linked tasks are represented as predecessor-successor links in TFS. Find and view predecessor work items and their successor work items in a two-tiered, direct links query view. An error appears when you attempt to create links that define circular relationships.

Create predecessor-successor links only to work items that are within the same team project. You can create predecessor-successor links between work items that are defined in different projects.

Related Network link topology Relate work items that are at the same level, such as two user stories that define features that overlap one another.The items in a pencil case in french.

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The CASE expression has two formats: The simple CASE expression compares an expression to a set of simple expressions to determine the result. The searched CASE expression evaluates a .

Case item
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