Dusk over atlantic wharf

Hire Writer They eave made a lifelong commitment and It will not last If he does not pay more attention to Lata s feelings and help her become integrated in his life and surroundings. In the end she is sad because she is home sick. Instead of being loving and supportive and talking to her about her problems he lust cuts her off. He does not even help getting her settled into the Welsh culture.

Dusk over atlantic wharf

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Kneeling are Cairine and engineer Geoff Leeden. Eldest daughter Marilyn had flown home earlier from the UK. Fifty years on, Dunedin writer Neville Peat recounts the intrepid odysseys of a Dunedin family. Renowned globetrotters, the family of eight - parents Alan and Joan and their six children - had made two overland journeys to Scotland through Asia and Europe in a remodelled army vehicle in andtravelling a total of 93,km.

Their kind of overland family travel was novel, a combination of adventure and pilgrimage. Now they were returning from their second remarkable trip aboard a wooden minesweeper-cum-trawler called Heather George, much to the delight and wonder of crowds of well-wishers at the Steamer Basin that day.

It was the end of a 26,km voyage via the Panama Canal, from Milford Haven in Wales to the vessel's new home port on the other side of the world, by way of the North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

I was on the wharf that day, a young reporter from The Evening Star, and like most of the onlookers I was goggled-eyed as the 30m-long MacLeod vessel came alongside the wharf, its deck loaded up with all manner of gear, including their faithful "caravan". I thought there and then the family's experiences abroad might make an inspiring travel book.

A sketch of the Heather George. Dame Flora MacLeod, of the Isle of Skye, the Macleod Clan Chief at the time, would later say in a foreword for the family's story that it smacked of "high adventure, of unique and heroic journeys" - unique because the journeys involved a large family whose children in ranged in age from 15 to 5, and because they had travelled through remote, exotic places before jet aircraft made such travel much easier.

To have travelled overland all the way from their pig farm on the outskirts of Dunedin City certainly impressed the Clan Chief. The voyage home from that second trip took more than six months.

Heather George weathered storms, difficult ports and dangerous situations, including a "man overboard" drama in the North Atlantic Ocean and the salvage of a vessel from a reef in French Polynesia at great risk to their own. A couple of months after arriving in Dunedin, the family's sturdy oak vessel sailed off to Stewart Island for a week's exploration of the island's east coast - my first time at sea - and soon after that she was fitted out for commercial fishing.

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She ended her days, after the MacLeods sold her, wrecked on the Kapiti coast. A lurch, a plunge The sea was up slightly with the wind from a southerly quarter. As evening neared, Alan MacLeod began sawing firewood for the galley's stove.

Joan MacLeod, near the stern and obscured from her husband, was splitting the sawn pieces of firewood with an axe. In the periphery of her vision she glimpsed a movement near the stern. Perhaps a fish basket was disturbed. But the splash that followed the movement caused her to wonder what had fallen overboard - a piece of equipment perhaps?

Dusk over Atlantic Wharf Essay Sample

To her extreme horror she saw a white face bobbing in Heather George's wake. It was disappearing into the darkness at an astonishing rate. Heather George, 30m long sets off for Stewart Island two months after completing the voyage from Wales.

Dusk over atlantic wharf

While 97 feet 30m offered no great scope, there were a number of hideouts - in the vehicles or among the cargo in the hold. Getting away from it all might also mean lounging in the lifeboat, which was as far aft as one could get in the vessel and high enough off the deck to conceal a person. In the warm post-dusk of May 5, young Alan, also known as Ginger, the older of the two boys at 16, had been whiling away time in the lifeboat.

About 8 o'clock he decided to report back. During the day Malcolm and he might stay secluded for hours but at night Ginger fancied his parents might feel more concerned about his absence. He worked his way towards the deck by way of the stern.

Usually there was a boom that you could hold on to for the long step to the gunwale; on this occasion it was out of position.

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So he jumped - and faltered as the ship gave a lurch. For a desperate few seconds he was neither securely aboard nor in the water.Dusk over Atlantic Wharf Short summary of the story: The short story Dusk Over Atlantic Wharf, written by Susmita Bhattacharya (), deals with the theme, immigration.

The story is told from a third person narrator angle and follows Lata, a young woman from India, whose father has arranged a marriage to an Indian man who lives in Wales, Great Britain.

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Dusk over atlantic wharf

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