Essay question terms discuss

By Roxana Hadad March 09, The essay: Take a look at some of the most commonly asked essay questions and use them to prepare for your applications. Current Events and Social Issues To test your skills at problem-solving and check how up-to-date you are on current issues, many applications include questions about problems and issues facing society.

Essay question terms discuss

Print to PDF Glossary of Task Words Understanding the meaning of words, especially task words, helps you to know exactly what is being asked of you. It takes you half way towards narrowing down your material and selecting your answer.

Task words direct you and tell you how to go about answering a question.

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Here is a list of such words and others that you are most likely to come across frequently in your course. Table of task words What they might mean Account for Explain, clarify, give reasons for.

Analyse Break an issue down into its component parts, discuss them and show how they interrelate. Assess Consider the value or importance of something, paying due attention to positive, negative and disputable aspects, and citing the judgements of any known authorities as well as your own.

Compare Identify the characteristics or qualities two or more things have in common but probably pointing out their differences as well. Contrast Point out the difference between two things but probably point out their similarities as well. Criticise Spell out your judgement as to the value or truth of something, indicating the criteria on which you base your judgement and citing specific instances of how the criteria apply in this case.

Define Make a statement as to the meaning or interpretation of something, giving sufficient detail as to allow it to be distinguished from similar things. Describe Spell out the main aspects of an idea or topic or the sequence in which a series of things happened. Discuss Investigate or examine by argument.

Examine key points and possible interpretations, sift and debate, giving reasons for and against. Evaluate Make an appraisal or the worth of something, in the light of its apparent truth; include your personal opinion.

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Examine Present in depth and investigate the implications. Outline Indicate the main features of a topic or sequence of events, possibly setting them within a clear structure or framework to show how they interrelate. Reconcile Show how two apparently opposed or mutually exclusive ideas or propositions can be seen to be similar in important respects, if not identical.

Trace Identify the connection between one thing and another either in a developmental sense over a period of time, or else in a cause and effect sense.29 rows · Looking at the essay question in close detail will help you to identify the topic and ‘directive words’ (Dhann, ), which instruct you how to answer the question.

Understanding the meaning of these directive words is a vital first step in producing your essay. Help with understanding essay questions: 21 terms and phrases explained In most subjects, understanding and answering essay questions is a key academic skill.

At an advanced level of study, this requires not merely the description or repetition of knowledge itself, but the analysis, evaluation and interpretation of knowledge.

Oxbridge Essays Updates; Recent Posts. Essay-based exams: how to answer ‘To what extent ’ essay questions But our guide on essay question words below should keep you firmly above on safe, essay-acing ground.

‘Discuss’ question words typically require an in-depth answer that takes into account all aspects of the debate. To write a good essay, you firstly need to have a clear understanding of what the essay question is asking you to do.

Looking at the essay question in close detail will help you to identify the topic and ‘directive words’ (Dhann, ), which instruct you.

Essay question terms discuss

Review these sample essay questions and answers before you write you college application essay so you can be prepared. Sample Essay Questions for College Apps Prepare yourself--plan your admissions essays in advance.

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By Roxana Hadad. Discuss a special attribute or accomplishment that sets you apart. 29 rows · Essay terms explained Discuss: Essentially this is a written debate where you are using your skill at reasoning, backed up by carefully selected evidence to make a case for and against an argument, or point out the advantages and disadvantages of a given context.

() Key words used in examination questions and essay titles.

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