Explain the conditions necessary for a

The next concept—scale, proportion, and quantity—concerns the sizes of things and the mathematical relationships among disparate elements.

Explain the conditions necessary for a

Types of Price Discrimination: Copy paste from triple A Reasons for price discrimination Price discrimination is carried out primarily to increase the profits of the discriminating firms.

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It occurs where different consumers are charged different prices in different markets for the same product or service, or where the same consumer is charged different prices for the same product, where the different prices are not due to differences in supply costs.

Necessary conditions for price discrimination Condition 1 There must be some imperfection of the market. If there were perfect competition, price discrimination would be impossible since the individual producer could have no influence on price.

At least some degree of monopoly power is therefore necessary so that producers have some ability to make rather than take the market price. Barriers between markets may be: Geographical in that customers are separated by distance e.

Temporal in that customers are separated by time e. The two conditions discussed so far would make price discrimination possible, but for it to also be profitable a third condition must also be satisfied: Condition 3 Price elasticity of demand in each market must be different; if this were the casethe discriminating supplier would increase price in the market with an inelastic demand curve, and reduce price where demand is elastic in order to increase total revenue and profits.


You might wish to refer back at this stage to where we discussed the relationship between price elasticity of demand and total revenue. In the extreme case of perfect or first degree price discrimination, no consumer receives any consumer surplus at all.

Advantages Producers of course benefit from the higher profits as previously shown. It could also be argued that if such profits are re-invested, consumers might derive long run benefits in terms of increased efficiency and lower costs and prices.

Those consumers paying the lower price may be able to obtain a good or service that they might not otherwise have been able to afford e. Consumer and producer alike may gain if a loss making firm is turned into a profitable one.

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Sum-up main ideas Three types of price discrimination: Include pp Slides Example of third degree discrimination 6.

However, a loss can be transformed into a profit by charging those consumers who are prepared to pay, a higher price of OPe1. The shaded area y shows the additional revenue that accrues to the firm from charging a two-part tariff.

Institutions: select this option to submit any materials related to Candidacy or Initial Accreditation. Select Self Study Report as the document type for the self study report and any related appendices or supplemental materials for the Biennial Evaluation visit, Candidacy visit, or the Initial Accreditation visit. Example - A set of conditions that are individually necessary without being jointly sufficient. Thomas White, the author of a recent textbook in philosophy, attempted to use as his example the specifying of the necessary and sufficient conditions for hearing music from a Walkman®. What are necessary conditions for a democracy? In my conversations with Italians, often they despair about their government. The two things that are most mentioned is that they don’t feel represented by the multi-party system here and that the present P.M. and other politicians are stifling honest discussion and movement on important social and .

As area y exceeds that of x, the loss making firm is now able to make a profit at the current output level. In the absence of price discrimination, this good would probably not be supplied in the long run, which would particularly represent a loss to society if it were one which generated positive externalities e.

As you can see by the information provided above, the disadvantages for price discrimination are greater than the advantages in most cases.What are the four conditions necessary for a perfect competition?

Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 5 Answers. John Harvey, What are seven conditions necessary for a perfectly competitive market to exist? Which diagram is used to explain why a monopoly when compared to perfect competition is regarded as harmful to the economy and consumers? The concepts of necessary and sufficient conditions help us understand and explain the different kinds of connections between concepts, and how different states of affairs are related to each other.

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Gender inequality is one of the great puzzles of modern society. Jan 25,  · Tuesday 7 November Paper 1 1. “Explain the necessary conditions for price discrimination to take place.

“Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of price discrimination for consumers and producers.” 2. Price Discrimination: Price discrimination is the practice of charging different prices for the same or similar product/service to .

Explain the conditions necessary for a

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Explain the conditions necessary for a

Learn How to Use the New Market Conditions Addendum. Gain an understanding of and recognize the sources of market information necessary to analyze market conditions.

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