Fairtrade case study

Programmes Case Studies Programmes Case Studies The Fairtrade Foundation has identified five key themes, underpinned by our Theory of Changewhere we are working with pioneering businesses to make trade fair. The Fairtrade Standards offer a broad set of principles which we believe are the bedrock of future, more sustainable trade.

Fairtrade case study

Fair trade has evolved over the years as an alternate trade model. Its main objective is to e radicate poverty by empowering the producers and workers who are deprived of profits.

earn extra income from Fairtrade Premium (not possible with individual farmers trying to sell coffee) first stage of processing the coffee beans is done on the farm (more valuable than unprocessed beans), then sent to the warehouse for milling before being packed from export where roasting takes place. Economics OCR GCSE Case Study». Fairtrade Fortnight is an annual event which seeks to promote and increase awareness of Fairtrade products and the work done by fairtrade organisations worldwide. Fair Trade is an organisation that sets standards fro trade with LEDC’s It guarantees a fair price for the farmer This pays for the product and investment in local community development projects In return the farmer must farm in an environmentally friendly way and treat their workers fairly too! More than products are labelled fair trade Retail trade is growing by 40% a year!

With non-profit organisations, other suppliers and traders forming fairtrade organisations, the entire supply chain is committed towards equity in international trade. Globalisation has created markets for fairly traded products across the globe. But, like conventional products, fair trade products experience the threats of market place such as competition, elasticity of demand and supply, etc.

Corporate involvement in fairtrade is evident as more and more companies are introducing the concepts of fairtrade in their business.

While corporates support an open international trade, fair trade supports equity in international trade. To understand the concept of fairtrade To study the growing importance of CSR in the global business To determine the action plans to improve CSR initiatives and if fairtrade would succeed in making corporates socially responsible.Marketing Society Awards for Excellence - Marketing for Sustainable Consumption winner, Fairtrade - case study.

Fairtrade Impact Study Assessing the Impact of Fairtrade on Poverty Reduction through Rural Development Final Report impact Fairtrade has on rural development via Fairtrade-certified POs.

In the case studies, a mixed methods approach was adopted, i.e. qualitative and quantitative methods were ap-plied – in each case study, a survey was. In Fairtrade Africa hosted a year anniversary summit in Nairobi.

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Friends of Naivasha President Cindy Berkland presented as successful case study of public private partnerships involving Fairtrade. Fairtrade Africa team with the UK Ambassador to Kenya at the East Africa Fairtrade .

Fairtrade case study

Design/methodology/approach – The paper draws on a longitudinal case study of one of the original ‘‘trail blazers’’ for FT in the mainstream, the per cent . (Fairtrade UK) After this organization was created, the first certified Fairtrade product was Green and Black’s Maya Gold Chocolate made in Belize.

(Fair trade) In the first Fair trade certified product Green & Black’s Maya Gold Chocolate made with cocoa from Belize is, shortly followed by Café direct coffee and Clipper tea.

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A Case Study Evaluating Fair Trade and Organic Coffee Networks in Northern Nicaragua by Christopher Bacon, V.E. Méndez and Martha Brown. (Switzerland) to an Independent Impact Study on Fairtrade conducted by Ceval - Fairtrade (Deutschland) & Max Havelaar Foundation.

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