Job opportunities should come back to small hometowns

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Job opportunities should come back to small hometowns

August 23, 2: We profile some people who have traded the large paycheck of a metro for the peace of a small town.

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The advantages of a big city—economies of scope and scale, cultural enrichment, product and service availability, etc—can all be had in peri-urban areas and smaller towns as well if the governance is right and the physical infrastructure is good.

Moving from villages to bigger cities has been the norm since time immemorial. But increasingly, a growing number of people are moving back to their roots or to smaller cities.

Also, as technology plays a prime part in connecting India, the boundary between metros, small towns and villages is getting blurred. The company, which started in with just employees, has 3, employees today in places such as Ratnagiri Maharashtra and Barmer Rajasthan.

The Union government, too, is looking at expanding employment opportunities in these areas. Under the scheme, around new BPOs—with a combined seating capacity of 1. Tata Consultancy Services has already opened a centre in Patna and will follow it up with another in Varanasi.

Also, the act of people moving out of big cities to their hometowns is by no means an indication of aspiration deficit, say experts. Rather, it means these people are looking at their hometowns with a zeal that was earlier meant only for urban pockets.

No wonder then that recruiters are only too happy to open doors for them. Start-ups, too, are playing a big role in reverse migration. Take, for instance, RuralNaukri. The online job portal is specifically meant for people looking for jobs in smaller cities. So why would one look at Chennai or Delhi?

Even leading job portals like Monster India and Naukri have sections dedicated to smaller cities.

Job opportunities should come back to small hometowns

Consumption patterns, too, have changed over the years, forcing industries to shift focus. After that, he worked as an architect and planner from till But through it all, Verma kept alive his desire to work for the people of Banka, his native place in rural Bihar.

But quit he did in and moved to Siljori in Banka district for good. What distinguishes his company from other such ventures, Verma says, is the fact that at SKILL Foods, value addition occurs at the place of production itself with the full involvement of growers, thereby benefitting the farmers financially.

Which city job would have given me this kind of satisfaction? The two Patna-based companies provide architectural and interior design services.

Verma says he can wax eloquent about the joys of living in Bihar. Poonam Jain The idea to be an entrepreneur was born out of necessity for Poonam Jain. It was an inherent desire to stay close to his family that made this year-old pack his bags one fine morning in and say goodbye to Pune.

A year later, he opened his software solutions firm, PCJ Technologies, from his own savings in Raipur a two-hour drive from Mahasamundwhere he now lives. I have people working for me who have come back after studying in cities like Pune and Delhi.Jain hasn’t looked back since. “The geographies have blurred with the coming of the Internet.

I have people working for me who have come back after studying in cities like Pune and Delhi. I'll come back to this later. For now, let's start with this.

10 Steps on How to Start a Business While Working a Full-Time Job. 1. Make the Commitment. To make a long story short, we both moved from picturesque Newport Beach back to our respective hometowns (on complete opposite sides of the country) to cut down on expenses and grow.

Sep 28,  · What Never Leaving Your Hometown Does to Your Brain Leaving home is an American tradition and it shapes American Sarah Sloat.

When asked what circumstances would be compelling enough to consider moving, most people cited a job or new employment opportunities as a good reason to go. Issues related to family life also ranked highly.

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So should you move for a job? What about for better job prospects? In reality, moving is riskier than buying a $ bus ticket, especially when you move away from friends, family, and familiar geography. Should You Ask for Your Job Back?

Does it make sense to ask for your job back? You resigned for a reason. and why you want to come back. Also be prepared to show the company why it is advantageous for them to rehire you, and how you will show that you are committed to staying this time around.

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