Juno design mise en scene

We plan to film in Admirals Park. We were thinking about other parks but we decided that this one was ideal as it is quite big and picturesque but also close to a bus stop which is another part of our setting. Our costume is also quite simple as well as there is only one character on one day so we only require one costume. Whereas Zabel, the other personality, will be wearing the same suit but messy to represent his evil character.

Juno design mise en scene

It specializes in US distribution of independent and British films, alongside dramedy and horror as well as nonEnglish-language films, and is sometimes also involved in the financing of these films.

Juno design mise en scene

The target audience for Juno appears to be teenagers of both genders over the age of 15 as the films rating is a You can tell that this is the audience for the film due to the main character being a teenager herself and the storyline following her life and the events she is being put through.

It highlights the struggles of hormonal changes in modern teens. Audience and Genre The opening shot of the title sequence immediately transforms the format of the film from real life footage into an animation using a tracking shot to follow the path of the main character.

This gives the sequence an informal quality and fits in nicely with the genres of the film Comedy Drama Romance. As soon as the tree enters, left of screen, the sequence moves straight into the animation.

The editing here is slick and represents an easy going tone for the character. Fitting in with my research into conventions of title sequences, the first credit to appear is the name of the studio who created the film.

The tracking then stops at this point and turns into an establishing shot to allow the audience time to read the studio name which in this case has been nicely highlighted in an informal, sketchy yellow font- like a comic book title. The use of font here gives the impression of a self drawn animation- again in fitting with the genre of the film.

The titles in the opening to Juno are quite childlike and similar to the comic book theme; still making links between the main character Juno and the film.

The titles themselves are of a large size and are made to look three dimensional. They also link into the season that the sequence is set in as they seem to be moving in the wind, like the leaves after they fall from a tree. In one shot it appears that the title has been placed on a fence, this connotes the indecisive nature of the character Juno that much like the title she is stuck in making a decision.

As the titles throughout the sequence are so childlike and arty, it enforces how Juno still has her inner child but is becoming more aware of it as the possibility of her bringing a child into the world becomes more like reality than a daydream.

Overall titles The order of the credits in Juno is in keeping with my research into title sequence credit orders. The Title is bolder and larger than the rest of the credits, so to highlight its importance. When creating the main title the designer drew out the word four times each in a different colour design.

She then looped the words so that when the title is played the words flash, giving the overall credit a sketchy feel. The star of the film Ellen Page and her co-actor Michael Cera are the first two actors to be credited within the sequence.

I feel that this is the most effective way to order the actors as its ranks them in importance of role in the film. All the houses surrounding hers are extremely similar with the white panelling and mail boxes out in the front garden.

This connotes that the character of Juno herself is still a child growing up in her house. But because she is outside and on the front garden, it appears to be as if the house is representing her inner child and she is taking a look at herself and seeing how she needs to grow up.

There is slight use of exposition as before she begins to walk down the path you see leaves falling off a tree which informs us that the time of year is around November. This plays a vital part to the film because it allows us to see how we are about to embark on a long journey with Juno and perhaps see how she is about to grow up.

This tells us that the main story for Juno is following her on a journey she is going to take.

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Mise-en-Scene The costume that the character Juno wears in the opening sequence appears to be quite unisex. The clothes are quite baggy and unflattering which could represent her laid back personality.

The matching of the backing track music with a prominent use of harmonica, gives the effect of an upbeat, humble tone which feels evocative of country and western style music. What is she doing? It is almost like a cliff-hanger before the film has begun.One of the ways that you are assessed is your use of mise-en-scene, for which props are an essential item.

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