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It is an advanced degree that is earned at a University which can be applied to many different fields of study in the humanities and sciences, and it is proof of your academic excellence. A PhD helps to widen your scope when looking for future employment possibilities. The PhD is distinct from the others such as the D.

Online writing degree programs

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University of Central Florida Orlando, Florida Copy link to this entry… Based in Orlando, the University of Central Florida is one of the largest universities in the country, with a total enrollment of more than 66, students.

The school is also home Online writing degree programs a popular distance education program that includes an online English degree with tracks in literature and technical communication.

Both degree pathways consist of credits and feature fully online courses with no required campus visits. The literature track explores the historical, social, cultural, and theoretical significance of fiction, poetry, plays, and nonfiction through close reading and analysis. Students develop skills in reading, writing, critical thinking, and argumentation by studying the history of literature and by examining periods and movements from the past several centuries.

Electives allow degree candidates to focus on specific time periods or countries, with courses like Gothic literature, Caribbean literature, post-World War II fiction, and Hispanic women writers.

Online learners also complete at least one linguistics or theory course, such as feminist theory or modern English grammar.


The technical communication track offers many of the same courses but focuses more on the professional applications of writing for business, science, and other fields.

Students gain a deeper understanding of practical writing processes through courses such as technical writing style and literature of science and technology. Degree candidates complete several literature courses but electives emphasize rhetoric and composition, such as writing for the computer industry or writing for hypertext.

African American literature and professional writing. Both degrees build skills in written communication, reading, and analysis but do so using different areas of study.

Online writing degree programs

The African-American literature concentration examines the historical, cultural, and artistic contexts of black literary movements, while the professional writing concentration builds skills related to the technical side of writing.

Regardless of their concentration, degree candidates complete a credit program core, which includes three foundational literature courses in British literature toBritish literature sinceand American literature to Students complete the core by taking one of three electives: Learners in the African-American literature track explore the development of black authors throughout history, moving through the Colonial Enlightenment and slave narratives into the Harlem Renaissance and beyond.

The professional writing track builds skills in technical writing, professional editing, and online writing.

Students gain a broad understanding of practical writing skills, with elective options that include web design, document design, and the publishing process.

The professional track also features an optional internship component that allows candidates to build experience in a professional writing environment. This fully online program requires no campus attendance and enrolls students from around the country.

The core curriculum builds foundational knowledge in the field of literature, focusing on British and American literary traditions. Finally, the major author component offers sustained study of canonical writers, such as Shakespeare, Chaucer, or other selected literary figures.

Electives comprise the remainder of the English curriculum; students may take up to 36 English elective credits to fulfill their overall degree requirements. These courses focus on various topics, including genre, literary history, regional movements, and literary traditions. Classes that cover drama, comedy, poetry, journalism, and autobiography explore specific forms in greater depth, while classes in gay and lesbian literature, post-colonial literature, and American women novelists highlight underrepresented writers.

Students can also pursue genre-specific courses, such as science fiction and fantasy, mystery writing, and the horror story.

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University of Illinois at Springfield Springfield, Illinois.The master's in creative writing online exposes you to powerful examples of writing and provides you with an outlet to refine your skills.

SNHU is home to the New Hampshire Writer’s Project and a destination for nationally recognized writers who perform readings and participate in workshops and lectures, giving you additional insight to the.

Online writing degree programs

Writing focused online liberal-arts degree programs can take many forms, from creative writing to journalism to marketing copy.

No matter the specialty, a writing portfolio is an essential element for writers on the job market.

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Online Writing Degree Programs Bachelor's and master's degree programs in writing can be taken online but usually require an on-campus residency component. Discover what you can learn in these online degree programs, what your focus options are and what kinds of . Although online writing bachelor’s degrees are often concentrated in technical, professional or creative writing, the curricula for these undergraduate programs typically include coursework.

Online Degree Programs. The Department of English offers numerous online courses, as well as two concentrations under our B.A.

degree program that can be completed all online. In order to obtain a creative writing bachelor's degree online, students have to complete relevant courses in creative writing, the English language, literary theory, fiction writing, poetry writing, playwriting, philosophy, and public speaking.

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