Ontology matching thesis

B6, 26, Room C 1. Please make an appointment via email I finished my thesis, combining reasoning and ontology matching, in autumn You can take a look at it here. After a period of supervising PhD students that were working on very different topics, I'm now more heavily involved in teaching.

Ontology matching thesis

On the 6th August Mr. He was supervised by Dr. Kyanda Swaib Kawaase and Dr. Abstract Ontologies have become more pervasive in Computer Science and especially in the semantic web.

They provide the consensual formal vocabulary to be shared between applications. Through ontologies, new generations of semantic applications such as semantic search, semantic portal, intelligent advisory systems, semantic middleware and semantic Ontology matching thesis engineering techniques have been developed.

However, due to the decentralized nature of ontologies development, ontologies within a given domain naturally become heterogeneous hence limiting semantic integration of different applications.

In this thesis, we implement a statistically based ontology matching system which effectively aligns two large heterogeneous ontologies.

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We integrate techniques in the ontology matching tool such that the space and time complexities challenge associated with large ontologies matching can be effectively minimized.

By surveying the existing ontology matching tools and approaches, we identified a number of research gaps which limit their effectiveness during large ontology matching.

Key among the challenges identified is the lack of adequate techniques to address the high space and time complexities associated with matching large ontologies. In order to reduce space complexity, this thesis implements an ontology partitioning technique using spectral clustering.

We finally implement a tag-based alignment repair technique to ensure high quality mappings. In summary this thesis implements techniques that reduce the space, time complexity and ensure quality of entity mappings of two large ontologies. The examination committee that comprised Assoc.

Balikudembe engaged with Mr. Ochieng and asked several questions regarding his research and his thesis. The committee then had a closed-door session to deliberate over Mr.

Ochieng defense that was then accepted with minor revisions no further approval required.To further improve matching accuracy, we extend GLUE to incorporate commonsense knowledge and domain constraints into the matching process. Our approach is thus distinguished in that it works with a variety of well-defined similarity notions and that it efficiently incorporates multiple types of knowledge.

Ontology matching thesis

two important concepts need to be tackled, ontology and epistemology. meaning from the ancient Greek present participle ων/on/ which means ‘to exist’.

ontology in the social world is taken to mean the kinds of things that exist. to ontology as the nature of the ‘knowable’ or the nature of ‘reality’.

Inconsistency Repair in Ontology Matching Algorithms and Implementation Shuo Zhang Oriel College Supervised by Dr. Bernardo Cuenca Grau and Dr. Ernesto Jimenez-Ruiz A master thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the degree of MSc in Computer Science Department of . Master Thesis Abstract The Ontology Matching (OM) problem is an important barrier to break in order to, for example, use Semantic Web standards on the world wide web.

Master Thesis - Balthasar Schopman MSc.

To address specific matches in a ontology, we use prefixes, denoting what ontology and where to find the node. The central point in this thesis is the CVJob ad matching. Nov 30, This thesis is about matching similar SQL SQL databases and transforming SPARQL Apab queries in the ontology of the one database into.

During the process of ontology matching, relationships holding between ontology entities are discovered.


The goal of this thesis is to discover the most successful approaches to ontology matching.

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