Personality of lin daiyu and xue baochai

This is a Chinese name ; the family name is Xue. Xue Baochai traditional Chinese: Described as extremely beautiful and socially graceful, her attributes complement those of her cousin Lin Daiyu.

Personality of lin daiyu and xue baochai

Psychoticism unusal beliefs and experiences, eccentricity ; Detachment restricted affectivity, withdrawal. Possible impairments in personality functioning, pathological personality traits, personality disorder or trait specified in each DRM character.

He always failed to conform to the lawful and ethical behavior, but was egocentric, lack of concern for others, and was accompanied by manipulativeness, callousness, deceitfulness, hostility, impulsivity, and irresponsibility.

Contrast with Xue Baochai

Growing up with his troublesome brother, she had learned to masquerade as a nonmalicious girl and had achieved some of her goals in the dark. As the younger son by a concubine, he was paid less attention and lacked of good family education.

Jia Huan was described as with a vulgar and common appearance. Jia Huan had specific features of deceitfulness, hostility and irresponsibility, accompanied by impairments in coherent personal goals and close relationships. It was not a blessing for the woman who was half of master and half of servant to bear a boy.

Concubine Zhao and her son sensed being despised and neglected by masters and servants in Jia household all the time, which cultivated the personality features of manipulativeness, callousness, deceitfulness, hostility, risk taking, and impulsivity. The highly learned man was so anxious for high official titles with a high salary that he dared not to uphold justice and punish Xue Pan, a good-fornothing young man from a wealthy family, who had killed a man.

Jia Yucun was brewing plots for purpose of money which resulted in disintegration of families, but he had nothing to repent of. The antisocial personality features he had were manipulativeness, callousness, deceitfulness, hostility, risk taking, and impulsivity.

Lin Daiyu was intelligent and pretty, so her parents decided to give her a good education. In this case, her parents would make up for their loss of a son and help themselves forget their sorrow. Lin Daiyu always regarded herself as a guest in the Mansion and was insecure and lack of confidence to others including her lover Jia Baoyu.

She had an unstable self-image and interpersonal relationships, and maladaptive traits of emotional lability, separation insecurity, depression, hostility and impulsivity.

Wang Xifeng had been educated like a boy and thus was given a schoolroom name - Xifengand was described as extremely good-looking and a clever talker. She had a variable and vulnerable self-esteem, with attempts at regulation through attention and approval seeking, and she had an overt grandiosity.

Meanwhile, the descriptions about her might conform to the diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder, for example, she had a maladaptive trait in the domains of antagonism and un-inhibition, which contributed to the malignant narcissism. He was described as remarkably mischievous yet very clever.

He came into the world with a piece of clear, brilliantly colored jade in his mouth, and there were even inscriptions on the jade. Therefore, Lady Dowager, who had almost complete authority over the extended household, had doted on him and regarded him as her darling, by indulging him even more than the beautiful son, privileged to inherit the wealthy household under ordinary circumstance.

Jia Baoyu was even allowed to live with his beloved sisters and girl cousins in the Grand View Garden. His father Jia Zheng was very strict with him and prepared him to meet his social obligations to carry on the family line and bring glory to its name.

However, Jia Baoyu had grown up just plainly spoiled by the all-powerful protection of the doting Lady Dowager from his strict father. These two totally contrary and conflict nursing patterns might contribute to the features of two types of personality disorder, i.

Xia Jingui, who had just turned seventeen when making her debut, was quite good-looking and educated. In regard to her ability and craftiness, she was comparable to Wang Xifeng.

Similar to her hunsband Xue Pan, her father had died when she was a child, and she had no brothers either. The widowed mother had spoilt her since she was her only daughter, doting on her and falling in with all her whims.

Personality of lin daiyu and xue baochai

With a self-grandiosity, callousness, and lack of concern for others, she displayed maladaptive traits of antagonism and un-inhibition. With the information, we might diagnose Xia Jingui as suffering from trends of antisocial and narcissistic personality disorders. However, he was so wrapped up in Taoism that he took no interest in anything but distilling elixirs.

Jia Jing washed his hands of all mundane matters and chased unrealistic goals, accompanied by his unusual beliefs and experiences and avoidant behaviors. Marked by impairments in empathy and intimacy, along with her maladaptive traits of hostility and impulsivity, she had displayed a trend of antisocial personality disorder.

She came from a Suzhou family of scholars and officials.

Daiyu is a prouctive gril,who completes severe excellent her opinion,the flower respents the life herself. Contrast with Xue Baochai. The character of Lin Daiyu contrasts with that of Baoyu's other cousin, Xue Baochai. The two principal female characters are probably conceived as foils to each other. In contrast to the element of wood implicit in Daiyu’s surname-Lin means “forest,” Xue sounds the same as the character xue for “snow,” and hints at something cold and pure about Baochai’s character and personality. Xue Baochai (traditional Chinese: 薛寶釵; simplified Chinese: 薛宝钗; pinyin: Xuē Bǎochāi; "Precious Chai", and her surname is a homophone with "Snow") is one of the principal characters in the classic Chinese novel Dream of the Red rutadeltambor.combed as extremely beautiful and socially graceful, her attributes complement those of her .

She was delicate as a child, and although her relatives had bought many substitute novices for her, it was no use, i. Her parents were dead at her debut, and she only had two old nurses and one maid to look after her.

Dream of the Red Chamber characters

She had become widely read and well-versed in the sutras, besides being very good-looking. There was remarkable rigid perfectionism in Miaoyu, accompanied by intimacy avoidance, restrictions, withdrawal hostility and grandiosity. Though the description for her was relatively less, her preference for Buddhism had referred her to the impairment of selfdirection and intimacy, and her callousness was also evident, which might point to a diagnosis of schizoid personality disorder DSM-5, Section II.

They might have low self-esteem and problems in maintaining intimate relationship. They all had to marry someone they did not like: They might be diagnosed to have a trend of avoidant personality disorder with a submissiveness trait.

On the contrary, their husbands had displayed high levels of irresponsibility un-inhibitioncallousness and manipulation antagonism.Lin Daiyu embodies individual pursuit of freedom, whereas Xue Baochai symbolizes conformity and social order.

It was no wonder that the Jia family would want Baochai as Baoyu’s spouse instead of Daiyu, bringing the innocent love between Baoyu and Daiyu into a tragic end. Daiyu was affectionate, naïve, frank and simple, but Xue Baochai was shrewd, dispassionate, and capable of ill intentions.

Lin Daiyu embodies individual pursuit of freedom, whereas Xue. In contrast to the element of wood implicit in Daiyu’s surname-Lin means “forest,” Xue sounds the same as the character xue for “snow,” and hints at something cold and pure about Baochai’s character and personality.

The reasons why Lin and Xue form their unique personality are connected with their surroundings. He(), a prominent poet, holds,”Generally, three reasons make what Lin is. First, the way feudalism pave for the women is not the choice Lin prefers. Second, Lin’s thought is .

Sep 27,  · In the Cheng-Gao version of the novel, Xue Baochai marries Jia Baoyu under the machinations of Wang Xifeng and Grandmother Jia, causing Lin Daiyu's death through grief.

Personality of lin daiyu and xue baochai

However, many Redology scholars have commented that this is unlikely since, according to Zhiyanzhai and the clues of foreshadowing, Lin Daiyu dies well before their eventual wedding. By comparison, a young chick like Lin Daiyu, whose intransigence and built-in self-awareness if not self-abasement are her most striking personality traits, doesn't know how to sooth a young man like Jia Baoyu.

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