Pros and cons of boxing essay

Apr 05, The event ended with Blackwell collapsing and being stretchered out of Wembley Arena, whilst receiving oxygen, and to the hospital. On April 2nd, according to Sky Sportsthe year-old boxer was woken from his induced coma and has been speaking to family and friends.

Pros and cons of boxing essay

Encourages discipline and discourages street fighting Gloves help people to not injure themselves completely.

Pros and cons of boxing essay

They act as a cushion to your hand and they displace the area of damage during a friendly bout. When you fight in a safe environment, such as the UW boxing club, there are no enemies.

You get to know your opponents and work with what they need so that they can improve. Those who are better than average take it just easy enough for the opponent not to get injured but hard enough to punish the mistakes that they may make.

This manner of training, one person having the ability to hold a punch and the other person having the choice to stop whenever they want, helps people become strong of will.

Prince was an athlete who took his training so seriously that he was able to just have fun in the ring. A man who dedicates himself to the sport so fully would not want to risk all of his efforts on a street fight where anything could happen.

Attacking people in the ring can promote violence It is true that while it is a sport, you are still actively choosing to harm another human being. He changed boxing because of how often his goal was to incapacitate his opponents.

He tried his hardest to knock out everyone he faced. People could stop feeling safe knowing that there is someone who understands how to cause serious harm to them.

He was an amateur fighter that lived and breathed honor. He was the person who would never take advantage of finishing the match when he had the opportunity because of the fear of injuring his opponent.

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My point with bringing up Mohr is that it is not because of the sport that makes people violent. People who are violent will continue to be violent whether or not they discover boxing. To restate the positive, boxing was not created as a medium to knock people out.

There is a system where people earn points by getting hits, by dodging correctly, by showing off to the judges their skill, and lastly by how often they play fair.

Referencing a recent fight that people were disappointed by, Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather did not do that much damage to each other. The most damage they did was the damage to their legs from running for so long. It was a very technical fight on the professional level and it was understood that that would be the outcome.

People like Tyson do exist but he was a rarity because of his intensity and his continuous desire to seek out his opponent instead of waiting for them to stay put. Charlie Mohr died himself because of a blow to the head during a fighting match which was the reason for starting the death count in Yes it may be safe for many people but there are people who come in with a loose nerve or blood vessel that can be severely injured if they are unaware of their condition.

Once more, the goal is not to knock someone out, but those who are considered great were not the light hearted hitters. People who strive to reach professional level cannot be the best unless they work hard to incapacitate the people they go up against.

That is not a healthy goal to try and reach. Aware of the risks going in The professional level is the most dangerous level, I agree.

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However people who get to that level do it because they want to be there. People die in Football and get severely injured in Hockey. Professionals who give too many headers to soccer balls also will risk a small chance on their cognitive function to play the sport that they love with people who can test their skill.

The good thing in all of this is that the things that could happen are very rare. It may seem safe, but if it can get that bad over time, there definitely must be damage done for every single match you experience. Going off of that, the damage done may be rare but it is an awful thing to experience.

A fight which is regarded highly because of how skillful Prince was with his movement. No sound Video 2: Mike Tyson steamrolling through his opponent, hoping to land the one hit he needs to end the match No sound Video 3: It goes along with the idea that the winners play with an iron fist and take advantage of them to conquer opponents.

This last video fighting starts at 0: The defensive style is to undermine the hard work your opponent is giving off only so you can best them with what seems to be no effort.Watch "We'll Be Right Back", a CBSN video on View more CBSN videos and watch CBSN, a live news stream featuring original CBS News reporting.

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