Site investigation in construction

Boring Inspection The first step in this connection is the inspection of the site and its vicinity to get a preliminary idea of the site conditions. This includes the study of the existing buildings in the neighborhood and if possible the type of their foundations.

Site investigation in construction

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I or commonly known as Soil Investigation in Malaysia are crucial in all construction projects. The soil investigation techniques are also applicable for repair of distress to earthworks and structures caused by subsurface conditions. To obtain information about the soil conditions below the ground, some form of subsurface exploration is required.

Methods of observing the soils below the surface, obtaining samples, and determining physical properties of the soils and rocks include test pits, boring and in situ tests.

Test Pits Site investigation in construction be carried out by manual hand dug with shovel or machine excavated up to 4.

This technique is usually applicable only for low rise developments where it does not involve deep foundation. For deep soil boring, the most commonly used technique is Rotary Wash Boring, where our drilling rig can bore up to m depth, depending on site condition.

When a rock layer is reached, coring method can be used to core through the rock and collect rock samples. Here are some detailed description of few typical terms and techniques which is commonly used in Site Investigation works: The purpose of drilling a borehole is to allow for access into deep ground to carry out other in-situ test, sampling and installation of monitoring instrument at designated depth.

This method is capable of drilling up to approximately m depth depending on ground condition.

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It can goes up to a maximum depth of 15 m and is recommended only for shallow foundation. This method is not able to collect any soil or rock samples and unable to report on type of soil as well.

Its also not suitable for rocky areas. Hand Auger Hand Auger drilling is carried out by using hand held auger which is manually drilled into ground to obtain soil samples.

Site Investigation

The drilled depth is very limited usually less than 5m due to the limitation of human power. This method would only being considered under special circumstances, such as drilling fluid is not permitted, or borehole location is inaccessible to drilling machines, etc.

This method is done in accordance to BS The result is presented as SPT-N value which indicates blow count per mm penetration. SPT equipment consist of a Number of blow counts to achieve a penetration of 75mm into ground is recorded. The same procedure is repeated for 6 times for a total of mm penetration.

Site investigation in construction

The first 2 layer of 75mm penetration each is considered as seating drive and not counted in reporting the SPT-N value. The total number of blow counts within the final mm penetration separately recorded for every 75mm penetration would be taken as the SPT-N value.

The Soil samples recovered from the split barrel were preserved as disturbed samples for subsequent testing in laboratory.Every site investigation should commence with a desk study directed towards collecting, collating and reviewing the following: Design drawings from any previous structure at the site.

Previous site investigation reports, borehole logs, penetrometer results and construction experience e.g. piling records.

lecture2 site investigation 1. design which is adequate and economic• To help overcome possible difficulties & delays that may arise during construction period due to ground and other local conditions• To predict possible changes that may occur/cause of all changes in site condition• To maximize potential of the site .

Site-investigation before construction of structure.

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Site investigation in construction

BRE Digest Site investigation for low-rise building: desk studies, BRE Digest Site investigation for low-rise building: the walk-over survey, BRE Digest Site investigation for low-rise building: trial pits, BRE Digest Site investigation for low-rise building: soil description, May 17,  · An early examination of the site by appropriate experts is most desirable eg.

Geologist, land surveyor, soils engineer, hydrologist etc. Information should be collected on the overall site layout, topography, basic geology; details of access, entry and height restrictions.

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