The genesis of the black participation in the civil war in america

For an interesting follow-up to this article, read our letters page America has repeatedly been at war, from the Revolutionary period to Vietnam. As a result of these wars American society has suffered outbreaks of paranoia, racial prejudice and discrimination.

The genesis of the black participation in the civil war in america

African American Odyssey: The Civil War (Part 1)

When the Union soldiers entered the South, thousands of African Americans fled from their owners to Union camps. The Union officers did not immediately receive an official order on how to manage this addition to their numbers.

Some sought to return the slaves to their owners, but others kept the blacks within their lines and dubbed them "contraband of war. The Library of Congress holds histories and pictures of most of the regiments of the United States Colored Troops as well as manuscript and published accounts by African American soldiers and their white officers, documenting their participation in the successful Union effort.

Both blacks and whites were outspoken about questions of race, civil rights, and full equality for the newly-freed population during the Civil War era. Emancipated blacks were forced to begin their trek to full equality without the aid of "forty acres and a mule," which many believed had been promised to them.

There is also an abundance of books, photographs, diaries, and manuscripts about many aspects of slave life and culture, such as the development of the "Negro Spiritual" and the role played by the United States Colored Troops in the South and the West.

The genesis of the black participation in the civil war in america

In this diary he foresees with amazing accuracy some of the problems the nation would face in the upcoming Civil War. Benjamin Tucker Tanner A.The Civil War - also called the War Between the States, Freedom's War (by many blacks) and the War of Northern Aggression (by many Southerners) - was a pivotal event that pitted the United States.

African American Odyssey: The Civil War (Part 1)

Group of Free Blacks in Richmond. Free Blacks during the Civil War.

The genesis of the black participation in the civil war in america

Contributed by Susanna Michele Lee. Free blacks in Virginia numbered 58, on the eve of the American Civil War (–), or about 44 percent of the future Confederacy's free black population.

Of the slave states, only Maryland had a larger population, with 83, Religion during the Civil War Contributed by Charles F. Irons As many as two-thirds of all Virginians attended a Protestant church before the American Civil War (–).

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Jul 23,  · The result was the hugely popular If the South Had Won the Civil War. In the story, Kantor theorized, and quite a few historians agree, that if two events had been different in , the South would have won the war.

When slavery was abolished at the end of the Civil War, southern states created black codes, laws which aimed to keep white supremacy in place.

Black codes attempted to economically disable freed slaves, forcing African Americans to continue to work on plantations and to remain subject to racial hierarchy within the southern society. I believe that tracing their changing involvement and treatment shows how participation in America's wars has affected Black Americans' perceptions of themselves, their country and their place in it.

I will begin my analysis by looking at the Civil War and World War I.

Pariticipation in America's Wars and Black Americans