The various variables that play part in ballistics

Firearms Tutorial menu Ballistics The term ballistics refers to the science of the travel of a projectile in flight. The flight path of a bullet includes: The wounding potential of projectiles is a complex matter. Fackler, Internal, or initial ballistics within the gun Bullets fired from a rifle will have more energy than similar bullets fired from a handgun.

The various variables that play part in ballistics

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All station are arranged so captain can look over the sholders of each operator and examine their displays. In the front is the big board viewscreen. It is located near the center of the ship, is heavily armored and protected by armed guards, and has a staff of between people.

The two highest ranking officers on the ship, Commander Adama and Colonel Tigh, typically stand at the center of the auditorium around the Command Board. This position lets them hear status reports from around the room, and issue orders to the entire ship. Various pods of workstations provide seating for the rest of the staff.

These stations are grouped by function. We see Navigation crew sitting near other navigation crew, weapons officers near other combat functions, communications near the center, and engineering given a special area up top.

Large display boards and the central Dradis Console provide information to the entire crew of the CIC. Organized Chaos The CIC is dealing with a lot of information from all over the ship and trying to relate it to the lead officers who are making decisions.

There is a lot of activity related to this information overload, but the design of the CIC has organized it into a reasonably effective flow. Teams communicate with each other, then that decision flows forward to lead officers, who relate it to Admiral Adama.

Orders flow in the opposite direction. Admiral Adama can very quickly shout out an order from the center of the CIC and have his lead officers hear it all around him.

It can also act as a failsafe: From there, the officers can organize their teams to distribute more detailed orders to the entire ship.

Large screens show information that the entire CIC needs to know, while smaller screens display information for specific crew or groups. Overall, the stadium-like construction of the CIC works well for the low tech approach that the Galactica takes after.

Without introducing automation and intelligent computer networks onto the bridge, there is little that could be done to improve the workflow.

The various variables that play part in ballistics

Instead, they use a reduced four-person design. This smaller size allows a boat to still benefit from the concept of the astronomical display. The ship's captain is in the center. Other functions, such as a communication and astronavigation, are supervised from small work stations located just outside the bridge itself.

The chief gunner can access all of the weapon controls from the bridge. Normally, the bridge's gunnery station is used solely to prioritize targets and for overall situational awareness.

Actual aiming of weapons is typicaly conducted through the local fire control systems near the weapons themselves. Engineering interfaces with the ship's computer to run programs, do maintenance reviews and supervise damage control.

In combat, the chief engineer may attempt various workaround repairs without leaving the bridge. He may also directs the damage control parties, which are led by the watch officers.

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The ship's pilot has full control of the vessel from the navigation and helm station. Constant coordination with gunnery is important, as the ship's maneuvers will move its firing arcs around. New courses may be plotted onto the spherical display for review by the captain prior to them being initiated.

Various data feeds are projected on the datascreen that form the walls and ceiling. In combat, the system functions as a giant headup display, including target identification, range and a symbol showing the object's relative velocity.


Each individual station has independent displays for more detailed information. It is built around the standard Jovian "open space" spherical layout, with crew stations far from one another. In many ways, it would be better to refer to it as the ship's cockpit, since it shares many characteristics with interceptor and exo-armor cockpits.

The Corsair's bridge is covered with a bubble-like canopy, a sophisticated projection system similar to the ones used on most ships' bridges; it can project not only a reconstructed view from any sensor cluster in any wavelength, but it can also overlay tactical information such as trajectories and IFF tags.

IV. Empirical Methods of Estimating Actual Terminal Effect

Each crew station is equipped with an ergonomic padded seat surrounded by readout panels that can be reprogrammed to fulfill the functions of any of the bridge's posts.

The seat features attachment points for a sturdy padded harness for use during combat and alert situations a thin seat belt is used otherwise to improve comfort.I’m sure it will come as no surprise if I were to tell you there has yet to be a Ballistics for Dummies, A popular misconception is one that results from the use of the word “rises” in various ballistics charts.

A bullet is always dropping, but it does indeed “rise” relative to the LOS. is that part of the bullet from the. Sep 28,  · Much more in-depth testing and reports of various exaggerated BC claims have been around for some time, but most don't read them.

Brian Litz has done a rather significant amount of testing and publishing of this in the now defunct Varmint Hunter magazine, as well as some testing for the military published in some papers I have saved at home. These formulas give approximate values for maximum penetration and cavitation diameter in inches, again for non-deforming bullets with a relatively broad flat nose.

By Chuck Hawks. One of the most fascinating and controversial subjects gun writers and other hunters need to address is the question of killing power (or stopping power, knockdown power, etc.). Quantum mechanics (QM; also known as quantum physics, quantum theory, the wave mechanical model, or matrix mechanics), including quantum field theory, is a fundamental theory in physics which describes nature at the smallest scales of energy levels of atoms and subatomic particles..

Classical physics, the physics existing before quantum mechanics, describes nature at ordinary (macroscopic) . by Tom Gaylord Writing as B.B. Pelletier Weihrauch HW Part 1 Part 2 A history of airguns This report covers: The test Beeman Kodiaks Eye not up to par RWS Superdome JSB Exact Jumbo Crosman Premiers 25 yards Summary The test Today is our first day of accuracy testing the HW85 and I'm going to do something different.

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