Treaty of waitangi essay introduction

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Treaty of waitangi essay introduction

Download this Term Paper in word format. Yet another piece of legislation "The Health and Disability Services Act of " provides that the employment needs of the Maori should be taken into consideration, but no mention of the Treaty of Waitangi. Social Services that are Available to Maori Peoples: The New Zealand government may be reluctant to bring the Treaty into discussions when it comes to social services legislation, but the nonprofit group SAFE - reportedly the largest "community-based" therapy group working with adult and adolescent sex offenders - openly embraces the Treaty and its benefits for Maori people.

SAFE pledges to treat Maori clients and staff in "culturally safe and respectful" ways. The HPF is a national umbrella organization that provides "information, coordination, training and skills development" for members of HPF and for the "workforce at large" in New Zealand. This is more of an advocacy organization than a healthcare delivery system, but HPF goes beyond teaching good public health practices and takes an approach to "social justice and social change.

The right to a healthy life is a "fundamental human right" and people need to be treated "with fairness and respect" Health Promotion Forum, http: Health is understood as a "holistic concept embracing a Maori model of health," the HPF asserts. In that model, good health is recognized as being "dependent on a balance of factors affecting well being.

All these elements, believed to be assured to the Maori people through the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi - and accepted as historically and contemporarily legitimate by HPF - interact to produce what the Maori believe will be "well being.

And so the HPF cooperate with Maori to help them stay healthy emotionally as well as physically. The HPF further asserts that the Treaty of Waitangi is indeed "the founding document of Aotearoa" and as such, the Treaty is the "key to health promotion " in New Zealand.

One example of a good partnership between "the Crown and Maori," HPF explains, would be a "drink-drive program" that is "collaboratively delivered by a Maori and a mainstream organization.

When the government deregulated and privatized many industries - such as railroads, airlines, banks, coal and forestry - through the "State Owned Enterprises Act" it hurt Maori people a great deal.

There were labor groups that "mounted some opposition" but the Maori "initiated legal action" based on a clause in the State Owned Enterprises Act. That clause stated, "no action should abrogate the Treaty of Waitangi," Lunt writes And the courts looked favorably on the Maori in that litigation since resources such as coal "could not be sold while they were still subject to claims from Maori.

Nevertheless, that litigation notwithstanding, between andthe number of Maori people who had worked for the coal and forestry and railway sectors was cut back dramatically through these government moves to privatize i.

Lunt points out that nearly one in five Maori workers lost jobs bydue to the privatization program launched by the New Zealand government. That information is pertinent to this research because of the fact that with good jobs the Maori were able in many instances to provide healthcare and other social services to their families.

But once the jobs began to disappear, poverty, ill health and depression were all too common. In the journal Lancet the writers review a recent study showing that the health of Maori people is not good, and the underlying reasons for that is the discrimination that Maori have to endure.

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Notwithstanding the rights they should have under the Treaty of Waitangi ofBhopal writes that Maori health is "comparatively poor. A "wide range of health and healthcare indicators" were used, writes Bhopal with the Public Health Sciences Section, Division of Community Health Sciences, University of Edinburgh and those indicators showed that life expectancy in Maori men was years less than "European men in New Zealand.

The history of the British colonization of New Zealand - based on the promises made in the Treaty of Waitangi - has not been an honorable one. This is not a new revelation, but one that has been well documented for many years. Still, Maori activist Ross Himona believes that in order for the Maori people to begin to enjoy a bigger part of the decision-making that goes into the country they need to be given the opportunity to engage fully in the discipline of "Community Development.

The main enemy of achieving….Free Essay: The Treaty of Waitangi is a very important document to New Zealand. It is an agreement that was drawn up by representatives of the British Crown.

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The treaty of Waitangi is a formal agreement between two states or sovereign powers. It was signed on the 6th February and there were signatories.

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Michael King suggested that politics and economics were intertwined in the 19th century. Essay on The Treaty of Waitangi; Essay on The Treaty of Waitangi.

Treaty of waitangi essay introduction

Words Sep 17th, 7 Pages. RESISTANCE TO THE BROKEN PROMISES OF THE TREATY OF GUADALUPE HIDALGO Katie Menante Anderson INTRODUCTION Human beings, no matter what race or ethnicity or place or time, will not tolerate injustice forever. Essay Jay's Treaty. The signing of the Treaty of Waitangi is a very significant event that has led to what New Zealand is today.

It gave Europeans and Maoris a common ground to live as one. It is one of the most significant events in New Zealand as it still has an impact on people today, nearly years after the event. The Treaty of Waitangi (Te Tiriti O Waitangi) The Treaty of Waitangi (Māori: Te Tiriti o Waitangi) was a treaty signed by representatives of the British Crown and various Māori chiefs of the North Island of New Zealand.

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