Writing a building character letter

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Writing a building character letter

Subscribe to our FREE email newsletter and download free character development worksheets! Is your protagonist an ordinary person? Find in him any kind of strength.

Without a quality of strength on display, your readers will not bond with your protagonist. No one wants to spend four minutes, let alone four hundred pages, with a miserable excuse for a human being or even a plain old average Joe. So, what is strength?

It can be as simple as caring about someone, self-awareness, a longing for change, or hope. Any small positive quality will signal to your readers that your ordinary protagonist is worth their time.

Is your protagonist a hero —that is, someone who is already strong? Finding in him something conflicted, fallible, humbling or human. Be sure to soften the flaw with self-awareness or self-depreicating humor. Heroes who are nothing but good, noble, unswerving, honest, courageous, and kind to their mothers will make your readers want to gag.

What is a flaw that will not also prove fatal? A personal problem, a bad habit, a hot button, a blind spot, or anything that makes your hero a real human being will work.

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However, this flaw cannot be overwhelming. That is the reason for adding wise self-awareness or a rueful sense of humor.

writing a building character letter

The Impact of Greatness Step 1: Does your story have a character who is supposed to be great? Choose a character your protagonist or another who is, has been, or will be affected by that great character. Note the impact on your point-of-view character.

In what ways is she changed by the great character?

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How specifically is her self-regard for actual life different? Write out that impact in a paragraph. It can be backward looking a flashback frame or a present moment of exposition.

Add that paragraph to your manuscript. Greatness is not always about esteem. Those affected by great people may be ambivalent. Whatever the case in your story, see if you can shade the effect of your great character to make it specific and captured nuances.

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6 thoughts on “ Writing the Unlikable Character (and Why You Should) ” sassy December 20, at pm. This article is a gem. I wholeheartedly agree that the more unwholesome an antagonist is the better the story. So, I groan when I read some writing gurus say that the antagonist ‘must’ have some kind of humanizing characteristic.

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