Writing activities for first grade centers for the book

Print In many ways, 1st grade is a year of important transitions — children leave behind much of the play of preschool and kindergarten and dive into developing deeper academic skills. First graders progress from having beginner reading and writing skills to becoming beginning readers and writers, as they not only read and write more often, but with greater comprehension and ability, too. First grade is a crucial year for building reading skills. In 1st grade, students begin to define themselves with respect to what kind of readers they are.

Writing activities for first grade centers for the book

I have already sent you an email! I got the feeling that it is definitely not the favorite! I learned I had to trust that they were doing the right thing- and guess what?

If you teach them- they can do it! Oh, and the winner from the last post is: You didn't leave your email so please comment here and leave it so you can pick out your prize!! My students all get a journal I add colorful card stock to the front and back to make it look ooohhh so cool: The inside of the journal At the start of the year we use paper with the dotted lines and there must be a space for a picture.

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The journals are kept in a writing folder in their desk. I also have a writing table area that has other supplies they might need. My mini-lessons at the beginning of Work on Writing stamina building are about two things- 1.

If you read The Daily 5 book it talks about telling the kids to just put a line under a word they are not exactly sure of the spelling. I can't tell you what a blessing that simple little trick is!

It is a fab tool for the kids!

Work on Writing - A Writing Center Makeover - The First Grade Parade

Next, I have created picture prompt cards to help give students some ideas on writing. If you look at the far right of her desk she has a picture prompt card.

I made these a million years ago by just using clip art in Word or print shopprinted, glued to construction paper, and laminated. They are a BIG hit! This is probably my 10th year using the SAME cards!!

Bag of prompt cards! I just put them in a gift bag and they sit on my writing table waiting for a customer! A sampling of what the cards look like Just a side note about the cards- I tell the kids to either write about the picture more of an expository paragraph telling about the topic OR make up a story about the picture.

writing activities for first grade centers for the book

They can usually do either one of those. ALSO, so that you don't have kids getting up to constantly change their cards OR standing there digging through the whole bag, I say you have two picks and that is it.

So if the first pick is not your favorite you can pick one more time and then you get what you get. Another item I can't live without is my student dictionaries. And then we use them during Work on Writing time to look up words and add new words!


Here one student is helping another student find a word in his dictionary. So easy to print and assemble! Here is a closer look at the inside. There is even a page on left of writing ideas! I've taught with and without dictionaries and I have to say that having it leaves the kids less stressed about spelling.

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I do have to mention that these particular dictionaries are best for second grade and up they would be way to difficult for first grade.

Something I tried for the first time this past year was class journals.After finishing the book I taped a book report on the wall and said, "Now you're going to help me fill out the book report.

You will write the title of the story on this line. You will . We'll have to prepare the folder for download.

It shouldn't take long. If you continue then we'll email you when it's ready, or you can download resources one-by-one inside the folder. Word work and literacy centres - Writing Station Activities for Young Learners-Students will write down sight words from their word wall for their grade level, Kindergarten or First Grade to complete this activity.

(Story Bags - put a few random items in a paper bag, and kids can write creative. Jul 12,  · book there are tons of amazing writing mini-lesson ideas. She also ties many of the lessons to literature which I love to do! The book is so "readable" with many great user-friendly rutadeltambor.com: Tori's Teacher Tips.

These beginning of the year writing activities have first grade students feeling confident about writer's workshop and becoming writers in the classroom. These beginning of the year writing activities have first grade students feeling confident about writer's workshop and becoming writers in the classroom.

I created these simple mini-books. A favorite center this year in first grade was our writing center. My students LOVED to write and they always wanted to sit at this table! The table fit 2 people, but they always tried to squeeze in more:).

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